About Agape Wedding Co.

Hi there! My name is Sierra Morgan and I'm the founder of Agape Wedding Co.! After my wedding in October of 2017 to the handsome man pictured to the right, I missed wedding planning so much that, with the help from a friend, I dived head first into the wedding industry and became a wedding coordinator!


So why "agape"? And how do you pronounce it? Well you pronounce it "uh-gaw-pay" and it's the Greek word for unconditional love. Often times, you will hear in weddings a bible reading from 1 Corinthians 13, aka the Love Chapter. The word "love" in the Love Chapter is the agape love that is used in the bible only to describe the love that God has for us and the love we should demonstrate to others. It's my belief that each husband and wife should strive to demonstrate this love to one another, thus Agape Wedding Co. came to be!


If you're a lover of dogs, New Girl, have a sweet tooth, love to get down on the dance floor, and want a new family member, we might just be a perfect match! Head on over to the contact page and let's chat!

Sierra Morgan
Founder & Creative Director

The Small Details

I know that details can often be so easily looked over! Upon booking, I will send a questionnaire to you to help me create your timeline and to help you stay organized and on task. Upon request, I will send you my preferred vendors list and a "detail" list of basic items to not forget to bring on your big day!

Wedding Planning Business Established in Katy, TX 

Tel: 281-798-5834

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